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mark smith
Simplify Your Life From The INSIDE OUT: The 7 Keys to Finding Inner Peace
“I just wish things could be simpler!” If that has been your lament, and if you still haven’t found anything that really helps…or are not alone. As the world gets busier and faster, your life can easily become more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In Simplify Your Life from THE INSIDE OUT: The 7 Keys to Finding Inner Peace, you will find the practical and effective advice that you’ve been seeking: ✔ How to rediscover the peaceful way to live. ✔ How to recognize and overcome the barriers to a life of simplicity. ✔ The 7 Keys that will guide you in your journey and help you stay on your path. A Unified Plan to Address Your Problems At Their Core Most approaches to simplifying your life focus on the tangible and visible ‘stuff’ in your life, which although important, is just not enough. The real issues lie beneath the surface: In the false beliefs and assumptions you hold about the way life works. What you’re looking for are real solutions to your real problems, not band aids. Discover the Way to Inner Peace - Solutions Found In Life, Not In the Textbook Have you tried following the advice of ‘experts’ in the field, but it seemed distant and disconnected from your reality? In this book you will: ✔ Read real stories about real people…just like you. ✔ Learn how each problem was faced… and solved. ✔ Discover simple rules to apply in your daily life that work. Unlock the Doors and Overcome the Barriers That Stand Between You and the Life of Simplicity That You Want. Author Mark Wayne Smith shares with you the powerful, life changing lessons he learned when confronted with his own personal moment of awakening and found a way to a simpler life. The essence of that life is this: Living in simplicity and peace is your natural state; it’s how you were created to live. You don’t have to learn or master anything new: you only need to unlearn the years of complexity that the world has taught you, one layer at a time.