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Ian Woollen
Ian Woollen, author
Welcome to Cave City, Indiana and Ciudad de la Gruta in the Yucatán, Mexico. It’s the countdown to Election Day and the annual Sister City soccer game. Per their original Sister City agreement in 1999, the accord must be re-approved every twenty years via referendum. What should be a friendly, rubber-stamp matter is a political hot-potato in 2019. Anything can happen in the heartland. A bit of backstory: Cave City and Ciudad de la Gruta already had a trade relationship a thousand years ago, when ancient Mayan explorers made their way up the Mississippi River to trade with the Hopewell tribe, the early Mound Builders. Priestess Moon and Priestess Dawn are behind-the-scenes characters from that era. Unexpected romantic entanglements, political machinations and betrayals, good intentions gone awry, strong coffee and the sacred food of the ancestors, all motivate a cast of quirky, small-town characters to rise beyond their normal lives and achieve a Community that transcends borders.