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Robert Walker
Six Moons, Seven Gods
Six Moons, Seven Gods is a fantasy tale of revenge with cross-over appeal for adults and young adults alike. Assassins and thieves conspire to kill two kings, while a retired royal guard seeks vengeance. Yes, there is a bit of violence, and folks do die, but it is largely character-driven with a feisty young heroine and romantic subplot. Six Moons relies more on emotion and dialogue than it does action to tell the story.
Walker’s polished debut imagines a seer’s urgent mission and an uneasy alliance between thieves and assassins in the low-magic realm of Baelon, where ambitions, tragedy, visions, and much political intrigue converge to shape the kingdom's destiny—and to jolt readers with well-executed twists of consequence. The kingdom, ruled by King Axil, becomes the backdrop for a tale that commences with the tragic demise of Princess Lewen and the subsequent death by suicide of her guilt-ridden mother, Isadora. This event serves as a catalyst, setting in motion events of wide-ranging consequence. Several "almons" after the princess’s death, Mari Dunn, who had overlooked a previous vision foretelling Lewen and Isadora’s death, has another glimpse of a possible future: King Axil's murder. Determined not to make the same mistake again, she attempts to make her way to warn the King, her daughter Sibil by her side. Meanwhile, the Takers Guild, a group of skilled thieves, plots the assassination of the king, electing to approach the League of Assassins for help.

Walker skillfully weaves the intricacies of Sibil's skill and friendships, Mari's prescient abilities, and the looming threat of the Takers Guild, employing subjective points of view to keep readers guessing and questioning the reliability of each character. The narrative unfolds through multiple perspectives, but Walker’s commitment to showing what motivates each character never comes at the expense of the brisk pacing, especially as Sibil emerges as a formidable force in crisp, engaging scenes of action. Despite her diminutive stature, her proficiency with a dagger shapes the world around her—and will captivate readers who relish flinty fantasy heroes.

The attention Sibil receives from key figures, including the intrigued Marshal Erik Carson and the enigmatic Rolft, who believes he acts on the deceased princess's orders to randomly kill three victims, adds layers to the narrative, creating a dynamic interplay between characters. This first series entry both promises and delivers an enthralling narrative that leaves readers anticipating the next chapter.

Takeaway: Strong fantasy series starter of thieves, assassins, and a seer’s urgent mission.

Comparable Titles: Paul J. Bennett’s Servant of the Crown, Sarah J. Maas’s A Court of Mist and Fury.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A