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Sleeping Beauty no more
Aisha Urooj, author
Her prince never came. Aurora woke up after sleeping for a hundred years. She was left alone and forgotten in her tower. Now she is determined to find out why. What happened in the past? How could sixteen-year-old Aurora reclaim her lost kingdom from the wicked witch and her demon army? Aurora meets a handsome thief named Devon. He had been using her tower as his hideout. Devon and his gang of thieves, known as the Circle, promise to help defeat the witch who put Aurora under the curse. The prince’s betrayal broke her heart. But can Aurora trust anyone else? When Aurora finally meets the witch, she offers her a deal: Rule the kingdom with her and she will help erase Aurora's painful memories. The future is at stake and Aurora has to decide. Will she change the lines of her destiny, or will she remain the lost princess, forever?