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Slippery Slopes
“Since the pervert forced himself into her life, she was going to make him her inspiration. She was going to find a way to make him the example of what no man should ever do to a woman. For years, she had been trying to find a foolproof way to avenge what he had done to her.” As glasses clink and horns sound through the New Year at a rich Pennsylvania resort, a cloddish robbery and inconceivable revenge cross paths—and cross again. Stoney Creek was founded during The Great Depression when scullery maid Greta Kasser, a calculating German immigrant, manipulates her wealthy employer out of a small tract of land and turns it into an empire. It becomes the setting for love, lust, luck and the ludicrous. Greta’s heirs take over, each with their own agenda, creating an opening for a mysterious millionaire who attempts to buy the resort while a bungling street punk robs the secret money room. The good cop son and his bad cop father struggle with the case, and each other, while a sadistic Sheriff connives and the millionaire unleashes a stunning revelation. New Year’s Eve, 2001, opens a Pandora’s Box of love, hate, revenge and death as curious lives slide down slippery slopes, some reaching the bottom, others clinging desperately to the top.