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Luanga Nuwame
Author, Contributor
Smoking a J With Jesus: 'Chronic' theories about God, religion, the universe and weed that will blow your mind!
The book's young protagonist finds himself lost in a lush park setting inhabited by faceless drone-like people and religious figures who take advantage of the faceless hoard. Upon seeing the abuses and questioning his belief in a higher power, the confused teen is confronted by Jesus. Jesus helps him understand the untold secrets of creation and God by way of a jaunt throughout history. Utilizing a special strain of marijuana called Quadruple-H, Jesus reveals debatable, logical, yet downright controversial ideas about the life and extinction of the dinosaurs, the fallacy of ‘Satan’, the creation of Death, the dichotomy between free will and God’s will, the true power of human greed, animal souls, Judas’ relationship with Jesus, the crusades, the harsh reality of dying on the cross, proof of aliens, the normality of the Pope, the concept of heaven and the greatest mystery of all – why God no longer interferes in the lives of people as he once did in Old Testament texts. Smoking a ‘J’ with Jesus is meant to be both humorous and enlightening with a dash of teenaged immaturity and innocence. It provides a mental journey of “questioning everything in our indoctrinated belief system” with fellow kindred spirits who also feel a need to rethink religion and marijuana usage while still staying true to their beliefs in God and Jesus.