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Phillip Bryson
Author, Translator, Contributor, Editor (anthology)
Socialism Revealed: Why Socialism's Issues Have Never Permitted Success in a Real Economy
Socialism Revealed summarizes he history of socialist thought and socialist economic theories. It also reviews the attempts to develop socialist economies in the Soviet Union and the bloc countries, China, India, and in West European democratic countries. Finally, it reviews the economic implications of policies under discussion by democrats and socialist activists in today’s politics. Previously, Professor Bryson combined a detailed three-volume treatise into a single, encyclopedic, comprehensive work on socialist and Marxist theories, central economic planning in several countries, and the Obama-era efforts to “transform” our economy. That book is entitled Socialism: Origins, Expansion, Decline, and the Attempted Revival in the United States. This current brief sequel, Socialism Revealed, summarizes and updates the previously long and detailed book.