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Some, A FEW MURDERS,in the, MY neighborhood
HENRY OLEK, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

April September, a struggling mystery writer can't get a publisher. At 36, April's temporary bank job is metastasizing into a career. At 38, police academy reject Preston Tremlock has an obsession that keeps him jobless. Currently, Tremlock is "investigating" a few murders in the neighborhood and annoying the holy hell out of the police. Oh, did we mention he has a 148 IQ? The something wonderful happens. April's bank gets robbed. The bank thieves are cornered by the police and find...nothing. Just empty suitcases. The 2.5 million in cash - dissappeared. When her bank offers a quarter million-dollar reward, April September, rejected mystery writer, quits her hated job to solve a real mystery and to write a book no publisher will reject! Oh, here's the best part - April joins forces with the nutjob genius, Tremlock, unemployed again. ‚Äč The two failures put everything on the line to reap the banks reward and to change the trajectory of their lives.