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Some remarkable tips for first-time Android App Developers
Mike Winslow, author
Some remarkable tips for first-time Android App Developers

With the diversifying mobile app development industry, it has become easier for the smartphone consumers to choose an app that suits their needs in the best possible manner. A lot of time and efforts go into the creation of a perfect Android application. If you belong to the elite group of newbie Android App Developers then this is a blog that will provide you finest tips on getting started with the process. Hope you'll love these tips and follow them seriously for all your forthcoming Android app development ventures.

1. Get familiar with all ins and outs related to SQL(Structured Query Language)

In order to develop robust and high-quality Android applications like VeePN, it is a must for you to gain a deep insight into everything that is related to SQL. Since Android's storage system is SQLite based, a good knowledge about SQL becomes a must for every app developer who is new to the world of Android App Development. By gaining an extensive knowledge about SQL, the Android app developer will know the technique of connecting the Android UI with the database query results.

2. Learn and implement Android rules

Since every mobile operating system has a specific set of rules and regulations for the developers, it is necessary to ensure that you're well familiar with all Android rules. All first-time Android developers must have a fair idea about the procedure to start and stop the app development process. These developers must also be well acquainted with the method of restarting the Android app development process. They should be able to combat any workability issues that may crop during the app development process.

3. Break down large Android apps into smaller ones

Handling lucrative Android smartphones with right investment is challenging. This is simply due to the complexity that is associated with the coding of such Android applications. Hence, if you've just started off with developing apps for Android operating system, make sure to break one large app into several smaller apps. This will allow you to write the app code in a faster and much more efficient manner.

4. Get a clear idea about the tools used for Android App Development

As a novice Android app developer, you must be well familiar with all the basic tools that are used for developing brilliant Android applications. While some of these tools are available for free, you'll have to pay a marginal sum of cash for purchasing the others.


While these were some of the most essential tips for first-time Android application developers, there are other guidelines that can be easily found over the internet. Following these tips seriously can actually allow you to develop laudable Android applications.