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Dean Comyn
Something in the Water Book One: Drowning
Dean Comyn, author
'Not Yet Detective' Charles Burns hasn't joined a newly formed task force of the Metropolitan Police. That was supposed to happen Monday. But a brilliant young scientist has disappeared, along with his potentially lethal discovery, and an unknown organisation with a global agenda may have plans to weaponise Dr Veda's discovery. Was he kidnapped, coerced or complicit in a plot to commit mass murder? Now, Burns and MCU2 must act to find the scientist and stop his creation from becoming a Weapon against humanity. Dr Nicholas Veda wanted to save the lives of millions with a new vaccine. But something went wrong on the way to saving the world, and an unforeseen accident has turned his vaccine into a deadly formula. Now, instead of preventing the deaths of millions, it could be used for deadlier purpose in the wrong hands.