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Sometimes Here, There and Everywhere by Arnetha Thomas
Kids Lit Book Cafe, contributor

Picture Book; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Sometimes Here, There and Everywhere is a 40-page interactive, colorful and poetic children's fiction storybook. This storybook centers on Ary, a beautiful and inquisitive African American young girl. While looking high and low for DJ, Ary discovers she is just like DJ and you too, Sometimes Here, There and Everywhere! So, travel along with Ary in her adventures. Learn about good manners, see children play nicely in the park and Ary loving her family. During Ary's adventures, will she find DJ or is Ary here and DJ is there? Then inspire to become the pilot of your own airplane, the captain of your boat or the best of what you want to be. Sometimes Here, There and Everywhere is a must read for early learners through third grade. Also recommended for older children to middle school students with reading and some learning disabilities. Additionally, the Character and Cognitive Building Workbook is available and goes along with Sometimes Here, There and Everywhere storybook.

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