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Nina Hart
Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere
Nina Hart, author

Adult; Poetry; (Market)

Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere is a book that speaks directly to society’s “elephants in the living room” through kooky hooliganism and satire. Five-year-old Bonanza’s mother tells her to “keep digging” as she buries her dolls, and ultimately herself. The dead poet Robert Lowell reappears as a high school student. Meanwhile, at Butterfly Farm, the protagonist dishes up some unconventional environmental justice. Even the ones who kill with oil spills have a voice in this bizarre primer of the exquisite, the mundane, and the insane. The stories are raw and dreamlike, breaking time/space reality rules, committing literary misdemeanors, and requiring the reader to not only have an imagination but to be willing to stretch it beyond normal fictional boundaries. Nina Hart goes right to the dark and often taboo topics that haunt us in our sleep and waking life, addressing issues of ecology, education, childhood, play, and animal rights. An important dialogue written with political overtones, the book is intimate, deeply vulnerable, and very funny.
Holly Iglesias, author, Angles of Approach

“Lyrical and urgent, tender and off-kilter, Nina Hart’s Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere is a marvel. The imagination and sensibility manifested in her prose poems draws the reader into a world inhabited by a menagerie—of people, of animals, all somehow imperiled yet earnestly moving through the world. By the end of the narrative, a chorus has emerged...strong enough to evoke a Spoon River for the 21st century.” 

Katherine Soniat, author, The Swing Girl

Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere is a stunning phantasmagoria where words (and stories) crack apart, humans change to animals, poets to children, animals to primal pristine signifiers, countries to swatches of steamy atmosphere and garbage.” 

Kevin McIlvoy, author, The Complete History of New Mexico & Other Stories

“A book that is simply like no other: Nina Hart’s pages are like tumbleweeds on fire, they’re outrageous, marvelous, puzzling-glorious-profound.”