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Son of Perdition
Set in the gutted, devastated remains of the American South in the months following the conclusion of the Civil War, Son of Perdition follows a Union soldier named Samuel Glazer as he tracks down the Confederate guerillas that brutally murdered his family. Glazer, however, is no ordinary man, and his unholy quest for vengeance is as insatiable as it is destructive. Former sheriff and Confederate soldier Lee Sinclair wants nothing more than to live a quiet life as a blacksmith. When he returned from the war unharmed, he promised his wife Kate that he would never again put himself in harm's way. But when Glazer brutally murders a local family, Lee is blackmailed by a rich plantation owner into pursuing Glazer. Accompanied by two psychotic bounty hunters, Lee soon realizes that this is more than a simple manhunt: It's a journey through the darkest recesses of a land shattered by war.