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Nimbus Brands Publishing
Author, Service Provider
Song of Curses
Kris Faryn, author

Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Seeking out the Siren Hunter was not the smartest move to protect my heart. But I hadn’t come here to protect my heart. I’d come here to save his. An epic war looms over the gods, and it’s up to eighteen-year-old Korrina Lore—Siren and Elpida—and her band of mythical misfits to stop it from spilling into the human realm. But time is also running out to save her Siren Hunter. Korrina’s heart is tied to his and if he’s lost forever, she’ll follow his fate. Armed with the belief that love is the best weapon—and a snarky sense of humor when needed—she must break into her archenemy’s lair and save her true love before his doom is sealed. With the clock ticking on the gods’ war, Korrina is running out of time to save her Siren Hunter, break free of her enemy’s clutches, and save the human world from mythic-level-destruction.

"Another great book in The Siren's Call series, the story was what I enjoyed from the first book and I really enjoyed being able to read the other two books back to back."