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Would you like to know how to. . .

  • Quit struggling with life’s dilemmas that have you ending up making bad choices
  • Start creating more opportunities in your life simply by learning to use a language of abundance
  • Stop placing your dreams on hold because you never have enough time to pursue them
  • Defeat procrastination once and for all and regain more needed time and energy
  • Confidently make changes to create a more fulfilling, worthwhile journey
  • Step out of your comfort zone and stay at the top of your game

. . . but you don’t have time, money, or energy to buy and read a pile of books, attend countless seminars, or hire professional mentors?

Welcome to a very large club.

Enter SPARKS!, a compilation of tried-and-true strategies and step-by-step techniques to ignite your way to success. In SPARKS! you’ll find the wisdom of a group of leaders, motivational speakers, trainers, award-winning authors, and executive coaches with a combined experience of over one hundred years. These are the lessons they have taught to thousands of men and women in hundreds of cities in multiple countries; lessons that have changed their lives for the better.

Read SPARKS! cover to cover or one chapter at a time to get inspiration and sound advice to tackle your most pressing issues and live your best life now!

Plot/Idea: 5 out of 10
Originality: 6 out of 10
Prose: 8 out of 10
Character/Execution: 8 out of 10
Overall: 6.75 out of 10


Idea: The authors provide an engaging collection of stories and strategies designed to motivate and inspire readers to embrace life and achieve success on their own terms.

Prose: The prose is of uniformly good quality, engaging and interesting throughout.

Originality: Motivational texts are common. While not overly original in its approach, this is a well-executed collaboration, with the quality prose allowing the text to rise above the sometimes rote subject matter.

Character/Execution: The contributors have distinctive voices, offer actionable advice, and provide relatable personal stories.

Date Submitted: January 22, 2021



“This anthology offers professional advice that can help any reader add value to their personal and professional life. Readers will find insightful advice on change and personal development, time management and how to use it to improve productivity, effectively dealing with procrastination, and engineer success in personal life and business, tips on how to successfully maneuver out of one’s comfort zone and start living a life of significance, and a lot more . . .

The writing flows with fluidity and the use of personal stories makes the book enjoyable and the messages easy to grasp. This is a collection from writers with a message that will, undoubtedly, help readers create the change and success they have always wanted. It is inspiring, motivational, and informative. You will find in this book what you need to take control of both your life and profession.


"The book comprises four essays from four successful women who are no strangers to challenges and working hard to improve their lot. 

Is Sparks! a book that will bring value to its readers? I am confident it will. Other than that, it is a pleasurable book to read; pleasure is valuable too.

Sofia Santiago's work is the opening essay, and it is a pleasant surprise in its style, execution, and wisdom. It is an evidence-based approach to using your thinking to unlock more opportunities by eliminating limiting beliefs, catastrophizing, and dichotomous thinking. One would think CBT is required for that kind of thing, but she manages to distill all of that into simple tips that are easy to follow, remember, and apply. These steps are mnemonic, invoking the mental steps one has to take to break the shackles of their own making.

The rest of the essays more or less follow that path. Introduce a problem, assess its impact, offer simple, easy to follow strategies on how to tackle those problems.

Sparks! is a quick read that delivers on what it promises. It's well-balanced, educated, and eye-opening. Experience has given them wisdom. It is hard to impart wisdom and knowledge if it comes from experience, but these women have managed to communicate their ideas effectively--applause for their creativity."