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Lynn Lok-Payne
Speak This Not That
Speak This Not That: Positive Affirmations to Have a Better Day is designed to bring awareness to our self-talk and improve our thinking. By taking an everyday negative thought and flipping it into three positive statements, we can choose a better narrative for our lives. Using inspirational quotes for extra motivation, we can transform the background noise into a more encouraging dialogue. By making a simple change from “I can’t” to “How can I?”, we open the door to new possibilities.
“The greatest influence on our daily lives is our internal dialogue,” opens Lok-Payne (Wake up! Change Up! Rise Up!, Practical Tools for Personal Transformation) in this accessible guide to replacing self-defeating thought patterns. Reminding readers that negative thinking can become an automatic process, Lok-Payne teaches thought awareness and offers bite-sized affirmations to reframe that inner dialogue, spotlighting each individual’s power to create a different reality by changing up their thoughts and emotions: “focus on the life you want to create,” she writes. Above all, Lok-Payne underscores acceptance as the basic building block to a peaceful existence.

Readers seeking inviting, transformative guidance will appreciate the practical design and easy-to-grasp techniques here, as Lok-Payne divides the affirmations into convenient sections, including “self-love,” “gratitude,” and more. For each reframe she identifies a negative thought, followed by a handful of alternative phrases readers can use to transform their thinking from defeatist to empowered. Instead of “I can’t control my circumstances” she suggests “I can control my reaction and attitude toward the situation”; instead of “I can’t do it” she advocates the reminder “I just haven’t done it yet.” Throughout, Lok-Payne offers insights that both appeal and inspire, like “happiness is the road trip, not the destination” or “my past does not predict my future.”

It’s clear Lok-Payne crafted this work as a collection of moments to savor, and readers should plan time for deep reflection and study. She offers suggestions to boost that meditation, such as taking quiet walks and mastering deep breathing when responding to stress—or using the journal pages included at the end to contemplate the book’s lessons. Readers struggling with self-doubt will relish her emphasis on “lov[ing] myself just as I am in this very moment,” as well as her advice to view failure as a springboard instead of a wall—an uplifting and refreshing message.

Takeaway: This uplifting guide demonstrates overcoming negative thoughts through affirmations.

Great for fans of: Pauline Ronan’s The Pocketbook of Positivity and Reframing, Shad Helmstetter’s What to Say When You Talk to Your Self.

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Editing: A
Marketing copy: A