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Jeffrey Wellman
Spirit Gift
Everyone has a gift. Each of us was sent back to earth with a mission to discover and use that gift to help humanity. In this book, Qaletaqa’s near-death experience transcends him through seven spiritual planes where he learns secrets to living a beautiful life and sharing a gift with the world. During his journey he is introduced to his life partner who he desperately wants to find on the earth plane. Can he survive the return journey and find Aki before she is hunted down by a jealous warrior? The story of Qaletaqa will guide you to reflect on your own life, to understand that there is something wonderful inside you ready to be shared with the world. Within you is a natural, creator-given ability that only you can share because it is your special gift. It is a gift that will help your family, neighbors, community and country. A gift so important that it may help change humanity forever. Take time to find your spirit gift.