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Pria Dee
Sport It!
Pria Dee, author
Bop it sock it roll and rock it! Jump and slam-dunk it! What’s your sport? From basketball to yoga to rock climbing to paddle boarding, this rhyming picture book celebrates a variety of ways to stay active and have fun moving! Lively, playful dinosaurs in all shapes and sizes, also capture the spirit of sport for young kids. A fun read-out-loud book about all the sports a child can play to stay fit, and healthy.
From karate to cross country, Dee (author of Freddy the Frog and the Three Wishes) delivers a riotous celebration of all things sports in this entertaining read-aloud. Building on the motto “Learn it, train it. Go on and play it! Time it, work it. Sport it, stay fit,” a group of sprightly dinosaurs frolic, flex, and flourish in their efforts to stay fit, learning new activities that range from indoor classics like shooting hoops in the gym to outdoor bike racing adventures. Dee’s focus is on movement of any kind, resulting in an amusing hullabaloo of the myriad ways that exercise can be enjoyable.

Dee is mindful of diversity throughout this zippy tale—both with her characters and in the sports they love—as the dinosaurs dabble in a brilliantly colorful array of physical activity. Rather than just sticking to the basics, Dee styles them in lesser known but just as robust athletics, like one group’s fun foray into yoga (“Downward dog it. Cat and cow it. Namaste, bend and bow it”) or the humorous renderings of dinosaurs navigating the high seas on paddle wakeboards and kayaks, each sporting a safety vest, of course. Keeping step with Dee’s eclectic choices, David Lock’s lively illustrations showcase dinos of all abilities—including several in wheelchairs—reveling in the joy that comes from a good workout.

The storyline is simple but powerful, and the graphics add a heap of playfulness to the mix: younger readers will delight in Lock’s tiny details, like one dinosaur’s underwater floaties and goggles, or the baseball team’s “dino sox” uniforms. Adult readers will love the selection of ways to stay fit, and Dee offers activities for any season or terrain, but the true moral of the story is to just keep moving—or, in Dee’s inspiring words,” Go on, have fun, and just do it!”

Takeaway: Riotous and encouraging celebration of physical activity.

Comparable Titles: Aly Raisman’s From My Head to My Toes, Rekha S. Rajan’s Can You Dance Like a Peacock?.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A