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Emmanuel Kane
Author, Editor (anthology)
Spring into Light
Tito returns to his home country where he runs into his childhood sweetheart at his aunt's home. They rekindle their romance and she wants him to pop the question but he is out of status.Tito must first fix immigration issues in America. Time will tell if this well educated immigrant from a low income family in Africa is emotionally fit to sustain the demands of his no-nonsense bride and the unrelenting distractions brought about by his American girlfriends
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" interracial romance story full of exciting episodes that will leave you with feeling good. The author cleverly weaves words making every scene one to remember. This is a must-read book! I can't wait for Kane's next novel." 

T Gaston

I love the way each character is described. I feel as if I know these characters. I was sucked right into this book just after reading the first page. I really could not put this book down, and when I did, I wondered what would happen next. Wonderful topic and characters! T. Gaston