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Stacey Vandeusen
Spun Web
S. L. Van, author
Spun Web is a classic meets contemporary tale. A fresh take on the old classic Jane Eyre, in a world where everyone is part-victim and part-VILLAIN. Jillian Randall, a live-in teacher to a 5-year-old named Jacob, discovers her charge hiding in the trunk of her car. Chaos ensues back at the Van Buren mansion with Jacob presumed kidnapped. For the first time, Jillian will come face-to-face with Jacob’s elusive father, Garen Van Buren. She will soon find that, although she might’ve escaped the pot, Jacob has just pushed her, headfirst into the most scorching of fires. Along with Van Buren’s devastatingly good looks come a slew of dark characters. Can Jillian protect Jacob and herself from the inevitable storm? Or is Jacob the key to unraveling the family’s deepest and darkest secret? S.L.Van delves into the world of organized crime, cover-ups, and family secrets that threaten to dismantle an empire so intricate that, blink, and you just might miss the most important clue.