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Donna Power
Squeak(The Asher Chronicles)
Donna Power, author
10-year-old Celeste Asher is as shy, quirky, and awkward as they come. After her mother remarries and moves her away from her friends, she finds herself alone and targeted by local bullies known as The Beastly Trio. If that isn’t bad enough, her new stepfather is her fifth-grade teacher. One day, using courage she didn’t know she had, Celeste rescues a mouse from being tortured by the same bullies who torment her. Her unexpected bravery is the spark that causes her fellow students to take a second look at the quiet new girl. Her awkwardness is multiplied by an unusual new friend and newly discovered ability- both of which she has no choice but to keep secret. This coming-of-age tale, set in 1984, is about a young girl who, with help from a special “little” friend, learns to stand up for herself, develop confidence, make friends, and bond with her stepfather.