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Jeffrey Marshall
Squeeze Plays
A contemporary tale about money and power and its corrupting influences. Set principally in New York and London, it finds a bank chief executive and a tabloid publisher at odds over a loan the bank has given the publisher. Enter a cunning Russian oligarch eager to expand his influence in New York; he makes the publisher an offer he can't refuse. An investigative reporter, acting on a tip, then probes this financing and delivers a front-page expose that puts the main characters in a negative light. Along the way, there is financial and sexual blackmail, lively dialogue and description, and an-often satirical take on the lives of the well-heeled and well-connected.
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In Squeeze Plays by Jeffrey Marshall, business is the name of the game, money is the dice, and New York is the game board. Just when Whitehall Bank pulls the plug on Star Enterprises’ bad loan, Maxim Ripovsky rides to the rescue with a suspiciously undemanding deal. Then the gloves come off as the Russian hatches a plan to force his way onto Whitehall’s board of directors. When they refuse to budge, Max resorts to his time-honored blackmail tactics, and one man is caught in the crossfire: Corbin Van Sloot, CEO of Whitehall Banking Group. Corbin is a competent gentleman of impeccable reputation, but this could change as Max collects evidence of Corbin’s supposed affair, intending to use him to influence the board. Max is new to the Big Apple and might be able to squeeze Corbin unfairly, but will he be able to stand the pressure when the forces of New York squeeze him in return?

Who said business is boring? Let them read Squeeze Plays by Jeffrey Marshall, an intriguing story that depicts the idiosyncrasies of the corporate scene in an entertaining and attention-grabbing manner. Here, the corporate battles take center stage while the power plays and plot twists add fuel to a raging fire. Squeeze Plays rates highly for its multi-layered characters who never seem to stop evolving. With the amount of attention paid to each character, it has to be the best character-driven novel I’ve read in a year. Although the story was not fast paced, the quality of writing and exceptional use of similes and metaphors had me gripped as the plot thickened and spiraled toward its climax. The editing was top-notch, and the narration flowed freely. Without a doubt, Squeeze Plays has all the hallmarks of a piece written by a talented storyteller. Read Squeeze Plays if you want to be thoroughly entertained.