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Stage Four
John Payne, author
Three people are dying of melanoma cancer. Nothing more can be done for them. Their pets are keeping them alive. The Chicago metro-sexual has a python, the gay guy from Paris has a French bulldog and the lawyer from San Francisco has a falcon. Their pets are keeping them alive until they get their ravaged bodies to Texas, and for one mil, undergo the treatment process. They are verified cured by their doctors. All goes well until certain atmospheric conditions erupt, and they genetically morph into a huge version of their pet and then go killing people with them. Something has to be done to stop them these vicious murders!

Just finished reading Three and Out: The Saga of a San Francisco Apartment Manager. I greatly admire your ability to make a character jump off the page with just a few words -- the person immediately has features AND a personality. What a skill!

Posted from a personal letter to the author

Great book by John Payne! Very in-depth character study, interesting plots, and Payne displays a tremendous knowledge of the current state of healthcare in the U.S. This book will not disappoint!

Timbear, Amazon Verified Purchase

I just finished this novel by Payne. A must read if you live in San Antonio or work in a hospital setting. Interesting plot with a lot of "who dunnit's" to sort thru. Fast moving with a lot of interesting characters. I enjoyed the book.

Lawrence, Amazon Verified Purchase

I really enjoyed reading this third book of the Three and Out series by John Payne. This third book was the best. Although the Chicago terminus is fiction, it weaved some interesting historical events during that time period. The flow of events keeps you both engaged and entertained throughout. Well done!

Greg, Amazon Verified Purchase

Love the fact his reads are light, entertaining and excellent for the long hot summer days!!! PERFECT for air travel kind of read or leisure time around the pool!!! Talented author that brings the characters to life with twists and turns that mirror real relationships. LOVE the series!

Loreen Sevening, Amazon Verified Purchase

My girlfriend and I were in San Antonio on vacation(we are from a small town of Tahlequah Oklahoma) and we met at your meet and greet book signing at the mall in April. Your writing gave me many hours of enjoyment! It is an unfortunate fact that reading and even more so writing is an art form unappreciated and often overlooked by my generation. P.S- please don't stop writing books... Ever:-)

Dana Eversole