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Danielle Barnham
D.M.Barnham, author
The Earth has expanded to the stars. Colonizing habitable planets as they gradually march forwards; forever fuelling the unquenchable beast that is humanity. But their expansion outwards was met with a strange mystery. Many of the best worlds were already inhabited by human beings. Not just that but all life it seems has a shared history. The Book of Ominiue is set upon this newest world and another intelligent species walks amongst the humans. The lionman: tall, strong, fierce. These lionman sought out the "star-people" when they saw their ships descending from the skies. What ensues is a series of events bringing both worlds together. But to what end? Shayne Forrest was one of the colonists. A degenerate human who had an adverse effect to the long hibernation between stars. A man who was merely a shell of his former self. Retrained as a soldier he was shunned from the rest of society. The natives saw Shayne and declared him the sky messenger, the one sent to fulfil an old prophecy to bring back their lost gods. The mediator between the locals and the colonists, Shayne is thrust between two worlds he does not understand and is slowly forced into a prophecy he has no interest in being part of.