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kitty reese
starved for touch with dark edges.
Kitty Reese, author
debut novel of kitty reese. Somewhere between memories that plague her, and a nick-beaked raven that refuses to leave her alone, Upper-Manhattan girl, Cessa Huxley, is caught-up in a whirlwind romance with the least likely person she ever could have imagined being with: her wayward small-town cousin, Tucker Calloway. It's like he can see through all of the facades she's held-in place for years, and she can see past the fronts he shields himself with, as well. Becoming inseparable, the unlikely pair toe right into the deep-end of love. Revealing parts of themselves, they've never shown any other human being, before. But one darkly-twisted secret, may just be the ripple in the flow which tears them apart, forevermore.