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Karen Quiros
Starving the Wolf A Victory Over Lupus
Karen Quiros, author

Adult; Memoir; (Publish)

Nearly four decades ago, Karen was diagnosed with lupus and given a prognosis of "at best" five to seven years to live.
Refusing to accept this fate, she embarked on a relentless quest for healing, dedicating over a decade to research and uncovering the strategies that would allow her to conquer this disease. Today, she celebrates over 25 years of living 100% lupus-free.

Starving the Wolf: A Victory Over Lupus embodies her transformative journey, establishing itself as a must-have among self-healing books for women. As an essential lupus book, it delves into lifestyle, nutrition, mindset, spirituality, relationships, and healing your emotional self, offering a comprehensive suite of wellness strategies.

By sharing her journey and healing strategies, Karen seeks to ease the suffering and simplify the path to recovery for others, offering support to those confronting the challenges of lupus or other chronic illnesses.

* Reclaim Vitality: Seize control, redefine your health narrative, and break free from chronic illness.
* Master Emotional Resilience: Learn to navigate and heal your emotional landscape, fortifying your mental well-being.
* Embrace Self-Care: Discover the life-changing impact of prioritizing your wellness through tailored self-care practices.
* Nutritional Empowerment: Harness the healing potential of nutrition to fuel your body's fight against chronic illness.
* Lifestyle Revolution: Implement transformative lifestyle adjustments that foster vitality and long-term health.
* Spiritual Awakening: Connect with your inner strength and spirituality to support your journey to wellness.

An inspiring memoir, Starving the Wolf is a story of triumph over the debilitating effects of chronic illness. After being diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus and discoid lupus, author Quiros was told by doctors she is not likely to live another seven years. Drawing on inner strength, spiritual guidance, and determination, Quiros begins a healing journey from the inside out, ultimately beating her diagnosis and becoming illness free. With words of encouragement for others facing similar challenges, and insightful personal notes from her journey to recovery, Quiros shares her story with one resounding message: “A death sentence is a call to action, not a time for retreat.”

Through research, alternative methods, and a strong, informed medical support system, Quiros took control of her diagnosis and her path to healing. Quiros explains that once she learned how to "tame inflammation,” she understood how to manage the triggers of her lupus flare ups. After a near-fatal car accident, Quiros felt led by a higher purpose and taps into a more spiritual lifestyle to grapple with her struggle with her illness. “I could not and would not live in misery and accept that I would die in my thirties," Quiros recalls, and her book encourages readers to take their life and whatever they may need to heal into their own hands through focusing on inner wisdom, trusting their own intuition in knowing what is right for the individual, and connecting with a spiritual source. Quiros provides physical exercises such as yoga, mindfulness exercises such as sound frequency, and nutritional dietary changes to fortify the mind and body as a whole.

With actionable steps such as journaling, exercises, and affirmations, Starving the Wolf blends memoir with self-help, crafted as a beacon rather than a blueprint for others. With clear, engaging prose and lots of heart, Quiros makes the case for “listening to your inner wisdom and mind and body, honoring its rhythms and nurturing its whispers with self-compassion and steadfast belief.” Quiros' inspiring words will resonate with readers facing journeys to healing.

Takeaway: Encouraging self-help memoir about reclaiming one's life from disease.

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Production grades
Cover: B
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A