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Stay Calm: This is War
AJ Lecours, author
When young Army Specialist Rodney LeClaire was sent to Afghanistan to fight for his country, he thought he knew what war entailed. He soon discovered all the things training did not prepare him for: feces covered toilets, 40mph nutshots, detached faces, pen stealing kids, pants eating goats, or friends getting killed. He battled the heat, the enemy, and ineffective leadership. All of that, paled in comparison to the fight for his own humanity. Stay Calm shows a behind the scenes look at a combat deployment. If you ever wondered what life was like for soldiers, this is the book for you. Written with satirical humor and a bold voice, the story recounts tales of troubles and triumphs. Somewhere between American Sniper and Beetle Bailey, this is a book about an average soldier attempting to cope with extreme conditions.Trigger Warning: Violence, Pornography, Drugs, PTSD. Basically, if you need a trigger warning… this book is probably not for you.