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MARY Dicaro
Author, Service Provider
Staying Healthy Living Longer-7 Powerful Principles for a Healthier You!
Mary DiCaro, author

What if what you've been told about aging is wrong? Is there a way to prevent and even reverse the chronic diseases of aging?

These are important questions few of us consider until we are confronted with declining health, chronic pain, or a life-altering diagnosis. 

Rates of chronic disease continue to rise steeply because the focus has been on symptom suppression and not the root causes and prevention of disease.


The good news is the body provides us with many early clues. We now know that the biological changes that lead to disease can be stopped and reversed.

You are in control of your health destiny and can create a long, healthy life. This book challenges you to consider there is a better way and provides the tools to make it happen.

This book reveals a Health Enhancing Life Protocol (HELP) comprised of 7 powerful tools that have been studied extensively in the world of health and longevity.

Using a framework of Functional Medicine, you will understand what is vital to achieve a disease-free life and live with greater health, energy, and purpose.

 It is an awakening to the truth of how we might heal the body, mind, and spirit, which is the essence of true and complete healing.

You can positively impact your health span, life span, and the aging process with these simple strategies starting today!


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This is an amazingly comprehensive guide to positively impact health span through easily incorporated lifestyle changes. A must-reference book for life and health. 

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Mary DiCaro provides great advice about successful aging that you can apply at any age!

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Author Book Signing

In-person author book signing at Barnes and Noble book store. 

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How Inflammation fuels disease and accelerates aging.

A deep dive into controlling the primary contributor to all chronic diseases of aging. 

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Sara, the host, and I explore the importance of integrating the body, mind, and spirit for true healing at any age. 

Winner, International Book Award, Health and Aging

I am honored to receive the International Book Award.

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An in-depth discussion on How healing Inflammation Heals your Body. Exploring the key principles of preventing disease and living a healthier life as outlined in my book.