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Bob Reiss
Still Hungry
Bob Reiss, author
A waitress faced with the most terrifying customer she’s ever encountered. A bully who meets the world’s shyest supernatural creature. A biologist summoned to a military base where a strange phenomenon is occurring. A global leader trapped 28,000 feet above earth. Best selling novelist and world class story teller Bob Reiss has been a lifelong fan of the original Twilight Zone TV series. Here he presents his first short story collection; odd tales of eight characters resembling people we’ve all met in real life, but who are faced with choices we would never want to have to make, and consequences going far beyond those choices. A teenage boy’s journey during the last six hours before the United States splits into two countries. A Fireman who stays dedicated to his mission no matter what. The public relations specialist ordered to explain something disturbing to reporters. The top model who lives to be photographed, and what happens because of that. In “Still Hungry, Tales From the Shadows,” the real and unreal merge, impossible doesn’t exist. We travel the border where order meets anarchy. The only limit to what will happen next are the words, “What if...”