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STONE DOG: Tales of the Eternal Dog, V. 1
Alec Rowell, author

Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Dogs chose humans, just as people chose dogs. Neither species would be what they are if this bond had failed. This is the story of Jack the dog. The first "Jack"--Bites Back, a young brown-and-silver dog of 70,000 years ago--fights to survive in the harsh world of S.E. Asia after the eruption of the Lake Toba mega-volcano radically changed the world’s environment. Bites Back seldom starts trouble, but he never quits when it comes his way. As he rises to leadership, one difficult decision leads to another, and his fateful path continues into the afterlife. There he’s offered a chance to reincarnate and join the scary “two legs” his pack so often competed with for prey. Bites Back makes his decision to come back to the world. Again and again he returns, in a different body each time, always retaining his essence—the great spirit of Jack, the eternal dog. Follow Jack as Bites Back, the proto-dog Alpha of his prehistoric pack, leads his family in the aftermath of the worst volcanic eruption of the last 100,000 years. In his next adventure, survive as Dyak guards the People crossing the great land-bridge spanning Asia and North America. In STONE DOGyou’ll feel gut-wrenching loss, the savagery of survival, and the complex triumph of winning through sacrifice. If you were thrilled by White Fang or Alpha, STONE DOG will touch your heart. Join Bites Back and Dyak as Jack-the-Eternal-Dog begins his adventures in the world of prehistoric mankind. STONE DOG is available now in ebook and paperback. Don't forget that Jack's lives continue in IRON DOG: Tales of the Eternal Dog, Volume 2.