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Stone Revival
Peggy Dover, author
Stone Revival is a work of women's historical fiction set in the Lake District of Northwest England just following WWII. Though war officially ends, the Stone family drama is just beginning. Stone Revival follows Gloria (Glory) Stone and her two daughters--strong-willed nineteen-year-old Claire and twelve-year-old Sydney the animal lover like her veterinarian father. It's a story of enduring love and a fight for survival after they learn of the apparent death of husband and father, John. Facts don't add up and Glory questions the validity of John's death. She faces mounting challenges, including panic attacks, a debilitating lack of confidence in finding work, and unwarranted attention from station master, Axel Biggs. With questionable help from overly-dramatic best mate, Eunice Quimby, Glory begins to seek answers about John's death. She is distracted with her own problems and is oblivious to the different emotional needs of her daughters. Once she sees Syd's trouble at school and Claire falling for a fast-moving RAF man, she knows she has to be stronger for her family. After failing in the employment department, Glory sets up an antique shop within the train station stocked with items inherited from her grandmother. Station Master Biggs loves the idea as he can keep her in his sights. The sub-plot involves Claire's romances. Albert, the RAF man takes advantage of her to disastrous results. Claire meets Liam, a strange Irish theology student in the woods who's smitten with her. A relationship forms as Claire realizes Albert is a creep, but he won't give up easily. Glory brings the girls together to begin healing and they grow closer through understanding. Strange clues of John's being alive present themselves. Each chapter of Stone Revival is written in the first person of one of the Stone women. Syd's chapters are written in diary form to her pop, whom she believes is alive. The accelerating storyline involves secret messages using Natty the raven, espionage, Scotland Yard, and kidnapping. Based on true events. This book will keep the reader turning pages long past bedtime.