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Leon Conrad
Author, Editor (anthology), Service Provider
Story and Structure: A complete guide
Leon Conrad, author

Adult; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

Why does story exist? What makes story ‘story’? How can understanding story help us shape our life story more effectively? One afternoon in 2010, I’m in my comfy study, warm coffee on the desk, good book in my hands. But I’m stuck. I can’t go further. The book is H. Porter Abbott’s 'Cambridge Introduction to Narrative', and I'm stuck on this passage: "What is necessary for the story of Cinderella to be the story of Cinderella? … This is a question that can never be answered with precision." 'Really?' I wonder. 'Never? How come?' It's taken me 10 years, but in 'Story and Structure', I finally figured out the precise answer to that question (and the opening ones). 'Story and Structure' is about • story (as a dynamic life force) • 18 story structures (and how and why story reveals itself through them) • how and why story expands and contracts • how story covers a far wider range of forms than we usually think of as ‘stories’ • hidden story structures of poetic forms It’s about finding harmony – in and through story – by following story back to its source to find more flow in our lives.
Christopher Vogler, author of The Writer's Journey

With a breathtakingly simple and yet profound handful of symbols, Conrad has created a flexible and precise system for analyzing the inner structure of stories. With this lens he lays bare the absolute essence of all the imaginable story forms, from fairy tales and quest stories to tragedies, riddles and koans. It's a powerful tool for storytellers and scholars and will change forever how you view the simple but profound act of saying “Once upon a time..”

Joan Singleton, screenwriter/producer

A scholarly and intricately detailed analysis of the writing process.

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