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Stranded AF
An impromptu trip to Australia. Two adults who’d made a pact as kids to remain friends forever. Two precocious children. Two huge unruly dogs. What could possibly go wrong? Everything. Everything could go wrong. And it did. When Liam Scott looked up and saw Frankie Thompson standing in the doorway of his office, he’d almost had to pick himself up from the floor. Frankie showing up meant one thing: she needed his help. He’d never been able to turn Frankie down, and he couldn’t turn her down this time, either. Liam would do anything for Frankie—always had, always would. So, he packed up his kids and took off for Australia. The plan was simple: visit the zoo, maybe do some snorkeling, some outback sightseeing with his children…and spend some time with Frankie. For her part, Frankie had loved Liam for more than twenty-five years. She’d needed him and he’d come, just as she’d known he would. And now they were stranded af in the middle of nowhere, and it was all Frankie’s fault. But what if getting lost meant finally finding it all?