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Edward Brown
Author, Illustrator
Strange Tales and Shadowy Beings from Beyond the Bible
Edward Brown, author
This book contains nine stories, written in an entertaining style for the average person – but based upon sound theological, historical, and scientific principles – drama, adventure, and inspiration all rolled into one. It is not just fantasy or pure fiction. As such, it provides a fresh perspective on understanding the human psyche – filling in gaps where people can stumble or fall. Most stories have a Christian perspective, although there is no denominational focus. The setting for these stories ranges from the ancient Near East to conceptual manifestations of heaven, hell, and alternate realities. Some of the protagonists are well-known, some little-known, and some unknown. The common thread is that they are all involved in the great mystery of life and death. These are stories that you’ve probably never heard before, but they are not figments of the author’s imagination. They are based on historical records found in religious, but not strictly Biblical sources – stories from the apocrypha and pseudepigrapha that did not make it into the Biblical canon. They are derived from rough English translations and then adapted for modern readers in modern parlance. Every story has a “take-away” that fosters reflection, analysis, and further study – either alone or in a group setting. Insights that are gleaned from these stories can benefit both the individual and the greater community. Stories ‘beyond the Bible’ can be intoxicating – wanting to always know more secrets and untold truths. Craving to know “what really happened at …” and “the rest of the story is …” are powerful human desires. Whether religious or secular, the craving still exists. The purpose of this book is to address those cravings and instill a greater sense of wonder into the human mystery – especially as it relates to God and our ultimate reality. This is not a book on modern miracle cures or first-hand experiential accounts. There is no shortage of those type books to be found on the shelves. Rather, this book is much more than that – delving into deeper mysteries where greater insights can be found. Each story brings with it more than just inspiration – it brings faith, hope, wisdom, reverence, and contentment – all brought into greater focus – making for a more fulfilling personal existence in harmony with God.
Christina K., Chicago, IL

The author has pasted together bits and pieces of content from ancient, mostly unknown sources, into coherent storylines that intrigue the intellect and capture the imagination.  I found the book to be both suspenseful and enlightening, and would recommend it to anyone interested in further exploring early history.

     - Christina K., Chicago, IL

Ellen A., Malverne, NY

A rollicking romp through ancient history   AND BEYOND.  Bravo!!

   - Ellen A., Malverne, NY

Janet B., Lancaster, PA

Supposedly, all the events are taken from ancient writings of literate people that never made it into the canon of Holy Scripture.  It's rare that a book of short stories contains detailed references in endnotes to support all the curious happenings, especially a work of ancient history.  But this book breaks the mold.  Read this book and soak it all in.  You'll be glad you did.

     - Janet B., Lancaster, PA

Maricarmen C., Des Moines, IA

Beautifully written … a must read for all those who desire to have an intelligent, creative, and somewhat magical time with their reading.

     - Maricarmen C., Des Moines, IA



“Strange Tales and Shadowy Beings from Beyond the Bible”

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A collection of short stories by Edward N Brown that will stir your imagination!

An easy-to-read book of 9 unusual short stories involving heroes and villains from the Bible and beyond – Supernatural Tales, Speculative History, and Spiritual Allegory at its finest!  Thought-provoking and entertaining!


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“Strange Tales and Shadowy Beings from Beyond the Bible”

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