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Strangers on the High Seas
Captain No Beard and the crew of the Flying Dragon welcome a new crew member, when Cabin Girl Cayla joins the ship. Responsible for his little sister, Captain No Beard is not very happy because he finds his newest charge a distraction. When faced with danger, the captain must find a way to escape. While learning valuable lessons about strangers, the crew realized not to judge somebody because they are young or small. Strength comes in all sizes!
Rebecca’s Reads Review: Strangers on the High Seas

Do you want to take an adventure on the high seas, on a pirate ship? Come along and join Captain No Beard and his mates on their exciting journey on the Flying Dragon. With a cast of brightly colored characters like Mongo the Monkey, Fribbet the Frog, Polly Parrot, Linus the Lion and of course the First Mate herself, Hallie, children are sure to find their favorite aboard The Flying Dragon. Not to mention these fictional characters are sure to keep your children laughing. 

Captain No Beard and his mates will take your kids on an adventure on the high seas as they encounter an enemy pirate ship. With danger lurking, the crew members learn not to talk to strangers as well as being nice to our younger mates, even though younger siblings can be annoying sometimes. Everyone is important. 

“Strangers on the High Seas” by Carole P. Roman is an exciting, whimsical tale of an imaginary pirate’s life with creative and beautifully illustrated pictures and a moral or two that will make not only the kids happy but moms and dads too!