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T. L. Evans
Strings On a Shadow Puppet
T. L. Evans, author
As the civil war in the Sophyan Empire drags on, a new pro-democracy terror cell has entered the conflict. The Wayang target innocent civilians with methods even their fellow rebels deplore, all in the name of bringing freedom and equality to all humans, while forcing sentient aliens into servitude… or worse. Tasked with neutralizing this new threat is the crew of the HMS Hunter, but these elite veterans have been assigned a new Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Alex Fotheringday, who has years missing from his record. Executive Officer Lt. Samantha Smith has some serious doubts Alex's past. He is the son of a powerful Hierarch whose principle rival is the Admiral of the Fleet. Is Alex an incompetent whose mistakes have been covered, or a mole out to destroy the heroic Leader of their Fleet? Meanwhile, the Wayang terror cell escalates its offensive, and begins to lay traps of its own. As the two begin to circle closer to conflict and the question becomes, in a war of shadows, who are the puppets and who is pulling the strings? "Strings on a Shadow Puppet" is the exciting debut novel from T. L. Evans that combines the thrills of military science fiction with the thoughtful intrigue of espionage and mystery. With sympathetic characters, dark conspiracies, and enough fast paced combat to keep any action junkie on the edge of their seat, Strings on a Shadow Puppet will keep you turning the pages until the last plot twist is revealed.