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Mia Doucet
STRONG: Successful Women Share Stories of Childhood Trauma and Triumph (illustrated in full color)
Mia Doucet, author

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

Eighty-one successful women from 22 countries share poignant memoirs of early childhood struggle and suffering: trauma, loss, betrayal, bullying, neglect, sexual abuse, and the disconnection of dysfunctional family relationships. The memoirs read like intimate bits of conversation between best friends, overheard, at times in sordid detail. These stories are in stark contradiction to the nostalgic ones we like to tell ourselves about the charms of childhood. They paint the picture of early years that are not all sunshine and rainbows. Some will amuse. Some will tear at your heart. The author writes in a brief, clear, concise style. Original, full-color drawings capture the essence of each memory as seen through the eyes of the innocent child. "STRONG is more than just a collection of memoirs. It's an invitation to reflect on the resilience of the human spirit, understand global societal challenges, and be inspired by women who, despite severe adversities, rose to carve their niche in sectors like medicine, finance, and business. A must-read for those seeking to unearth the power of introspection, self-care, and the triumph of resilience over adversity.”
Literary Titan

“STRONG: Successful Women Share Stories Of Childhood Trauma and Triumph” penned by Mia Doucet is a riveting anthology of over 80 narratives that explore the formidable journeys of women from their childhood adversity to their eventual victory. Each narrative encapsulates distinct experiences of trauma and anguish, as perceived by the girls these women were, yet converges on the shared strength and resilience that fueled their transformation and triumph.

The book serves as a testament to the power of the human spirit, painting vivid portraits of these women’s childhood experiences – filled with fear, rejection, and feelings of unworthiness, and their metamorphosis into empowered adults who embraced their value and worthiness in the face of these adversities.

Doucet’s masterful storytelling transports the reader into the heart of each story, enabling us to experience the world through the eyes of a young girl weathering the storms of abuse, loss, and neglect. In a stunning collaborative effort, Doucet joins forces with the exceptional artist, Galih Winduadi, who encapsulates the essence of each narrative through poignant illustrations that augment the reader’s comprehension of the text.

While the tales relayed in this anthology may trigger discomfort or painful memories for those who have experienced similar circumstances, the author encourages readers to view these narratives as inspiring testaments to human resilience, demonstrating that personal growth and change are sparked by introspection and self-care.

One of the remarkable facets of this collection is its vibrant cultural tapestry. It highlights women from diverse corners of the world, from Croatia to South Korea, imparting fascinating cultural insights, such as the belief in Vietnamese culture that having five daughters signifies luck and prosperity.

Besides the riveting narratives, this book also offers an exploration of developmental psychology. It begins with an insightful overview of how childhood experiences shape our adult lives. The stories underscore the critical importance of nurturing and supportive parental figures in facilitating secure attachment and healthy perspectives in later life.

However, these tales also expose the harsh reality that not everyone is born into a safe, loving environment, and unexpected calamities such as war, illness, and other tragedies can dramatically alter one’s world. Despite the diversity in these women’s experiences, it illuminates the universal truth of our shared worthiness of all the good in life, emphasizing that understanding and accepting this truth is a vital step towards healing and growth.

The book pays tribute to the courageous women who found empowerment in sharing their stories, and to the collaborative genius of Mia Doucet and Galih Winduadi in realizing this remarkable project. “STRONG: Successful Women Share Stories Of Childhood Trauma And Triumph” is a must-read for those seeking insights into the resilience of the human spirit, keen to broaden their understanding of global societal challenges, and particularly for those involved in the field of developmental psychology.

~ Thomas Anderson, Editor In Chief, Literary Titan