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Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Kingdom of Ratella
Stuart Duffelmeyer is back. This time, he faces the greatest challenge of his life. The evil ruler of a planet known as Ratromeda in the Andromeda Galaxy sends a giant meteorite through the corridors of the Milky Way Galaxy. Once the meteorite crashes into a landfill in New York City, thousands of rats from all five boroughs come to feed off it. The meteorite's radioactive materials fill their bodies, metamorphically transforming them into sub-human rat monsters. Rattabarlo, who is the sinister ruler of Ratromeda, has many more diabolical plans. He chooses a beautiful woman to lead the rat monsters. An evil spell is cast on her and she becomes a sub-human rat woman known as Ratella. She establishes her kingdom in underground New York City and rules with a wickedly iron fist. At the request of Rattabarlo, she is to take over New York City and the rest of the Earth. But not if Stuart has his way. Through the guidance of Rabbi Wedemeyer, Stuart and The Counsel of the Electrifying Eight must join forces to stop Ratella and her underground kingdom. With powers concentrated into his magical talisman, he confronts the ugly faces of evil. The good of the upperworld meets the evil of the lower world. Only one world will prevail.