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Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Universal Transgressors
Stuart Duffelmeyer returns to take on a whirlwind of evil forces. Ratella and Rattabarlo and others are set free from their prison within a black hole inside the SpinPool Galaxy. The Mightiest One of Darkness is the chief demonic spirit who sets them free. But their freedom comes at a big expense. Once they are brought back billions of light years into the Milky Way Galaxy, they join forces with monsters created from the Heavens. The Mightiest One of Darkness receives his orders from The Highest Lord of Darkness. The lord of all dark forces plans to end humanity on Earth. Stuart Duffelmeyer and The Counsel of the Electrifying Eight wants to stop them, but evil sometimes prevails over good. Stuart is held captive by demonic forces, while Ratella and Rattabarlo and the others take over the planets. A legion of archangels from the Heavens have joined forces to stop the band of wreckless demons. Meetings amongst the angels are called at the highest levels. Stuart is freed and teams up with Rabbi Wedemeyer and The Counsel of the Electrifying Eight to restore order to the entire Universe. Good versus evil. Angels versus demons. Only the forces which pack the most potent powers will win.