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Ted Walde
Sudan: Escape from Voi
Ted Walde, author
A genius genetic engineer discovers a protein that will protect the last surviving northern white rhinoceros from poaching. Upon publishing his paper on the Stone-man syndrome, some mysterious men kidnap him and take him to Voi where he is forced to perform the same operation on a human patient under the false pretense that it is going to be a corrective back surgery. While in Voi, he meets Sudan, a feral child who was raised by animals in the grasslands of Tsavo East National Park. He studies his behavior and develops strategies to integrate him to society until his kidnappers source the Uranium sample that was needed to perform the surgery. A botched operation sees the patient turn hostile and later locked away. Dr Haridi discovers damning documents that link his kidnappers with a popular secessionist group confirming that they were running a human test lab to create seemingly indestructible soldiers to help them secede from the mainland. He has to find the patient and escape before its too late!