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Ava Miles
Sunflower Alley
Ava Miles, author
International Bestselling Author Ava Miles’ acclaimed family series, The Merriams, returns with an inspiring story about a billionaire mistaken for homeless and the woman who sees the true riches inside him, in a book that'll make you feel better about the world. Connor Merriam has lost everything: his best friend, his family, and his high-powered job. He's so far gone he can't see any hope for the future… Until he meets Louisa. Louisa Evans has rebuilt everything: her family, her career, and her life. Now she’s helping people in need—and she’s happy. The last complication she needs is a man as mysterious and haunted as Connor. But she can't discount his goodness and is drawn by his desire to assist her goal to help more people in the world. His quiet strength is seductive. And in the rare moments he laughs, the world sparkles. Against all odds—and with the help of the matchmaking efforts of Connor's Aunt Clara and Uncle Arthur—they begin to fall in love. But can Connor let the past go and accept this shot at redemption? And will his family give him a second chance? Inspired by Ava's encounter with a billionaire and other real-life stories—and some not-so-real-life ones like a missing Julia Childs's recipe (don't we wish!)—every chapter is infused with hope and the power of love.