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SuperFast: Fasting for SuperHealth

Adult; Health, Diet, Parenting, Home, Crafts & Gardening; (Market)

This is no ordinary book on fasting. It is a book about Superfasting. M. David Peterson and his wife, Jacie, each have over five years of fasting and coaching experience from which you can benefit. You may have heard of intermittent fasting. You may have heard of long-term fasting. Superfasting is a combination of the two, but so much more. From reading this book, you will learn:

  • How to intermittent fast and long-term fast,
  • The optimal diet for muscle and strength,
  • How to Superfast and how to break a fast,
  • The psychology and physiology of hunger and how to eliminate it,
  • How to build Super immunity and many other benefits of fasting,
  • Why your doctor cannot guide you toward a fasting lifestyle,
  • Who can and cannot fast,
  • How to make fasting easier,
  • The benefits only fasting can provide,
  • And much more.

This book is full of experiential knowledge and science-based evidence about the art and science of fasting. M. David Peterson delineates the steps to ease into the Superfast Superfit lifestyle. If ever you have wanted to take control of your weight, attain ideal health, and stop or reverse the aging process, fasting is for you. JP Wright, a Superfast devotee, said, “SuperFast is more than just a book on intermittent fasting; it's a journal, a companion, and the torch illuminating the path ahead for anyone interested in embarking on their own fasting journey.” In this age of the pandemic, one does not have time to wait. Start the lifestyle and ramp up for SuperHealth. Buy the ebook, now.