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Scarlett Scott
Sutton's Sins
He’s an unrepentant sinner, East End rogue, and devoted charmer of anything in petticoats. But Rafe Sutton has one small problem. He cannot seem to recall what happened between himself and one delectable, surly governess. He woke in her bed with the devil’s own headache and no memory of the evening before. Now, he’s on a mission to unravel the mystery, for the sake of his pride and for the honor he had not previously believed he possessed. But Miss Persephone Wren has secrets she cannot afford to reveal. She is not about to allow a madcap rake to endanger her comfortable life as governess to his twin nieces. Persephone knows men of Rafe Sutton’s ilk—they’re the same, regardless of their station. All she has to do is maintain her resolve and her glacial reserve. Eventually, he will tire of his sport and leave her alone. When her carefully constructed lies begin to crumble, however, Persephone is faced with a difficult choice. Surrender to the danger awaiting her, or trust in Rafe, the handsome scoundrel who has somehow found his way into her heart… Heat level: Scorching hot!