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A.H. Mims, author
In a future America wracked by climate change, disease, and civil unrest, Martene Fisher has risen from humble beginnings to realize her dream of becoming a military officer and pilot, positions usually reserved for members of the upper class. With an elevated social status and a lifestyle few in her world enjoy, she has everything she’s ever wanted and more than most could hope for: a career, a home, people she loves, security. But Martene discovers the job is not what it seems and her hard-won life begins to crumble when she learns she has been an unwitting perpetrator of horrific human experiments on behalf of the government. Martene embarks on a dangerous path to expose the government’s crimes and to right the unforgivable wrongs she committed by being a part of them. SWALLOW is a dark and gritty work of speculative fiction inspired by real-life histories of human experimentation.