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  • 12/2020
  • 9781735728605
  • 434 pages
  • $17.99
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  • 12/2020
  • 9781735728612
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Guy Morris
Guy Morris, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

SLVIA . . . decades ago, an AI program escaped the NSA Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and has never been re-captured . . . true story.

Derek Taylor, fugitive hacker and contractor to the National Security Agency is living under the name of a murdered best friend, hiding from powers who still want him dead. Taylor’s ties to a terrorist hacker group called SNO leave him open to investigation by Lt. Jennifer Scott, the daughter of a Joint Chief—a woman determined to go to any lengths to prove her worth.

But when a Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) internet virus threatens national security, SLVIA warns Taylor the fifth seal of end time prophecy has broken. This unexpected assault soon forces an autocratic US President to deploy a defective AI weapon. Now, Taylor and Lt. Scott must join forces across three continents to stop the evil AI virus from crippling America or destroying SLVIA before an apocalypse swarms over Jerusalem.

Combining conspiracies, cyber espionage, and advanced weapons, Swarm reveals what happens when AI singularity and prophecy collide to shake the world at its very foundations.


Step into a tech-driven doomsday in a frightening near-future, where the power of artificial intelligence takes center stage. SWARM: Artificial Intelligence Decodes End Time Prophecies pulls readers into a superbly crafted, cutting-edge spy thriller, and one of the most intriguing and dynamic characters happens to be to an artificial intelligence program named SLVIA. Author Guy Morris has rendered a sophisticated tale in which human and machine must work together to stop a vicious threat to national security. The action is non-stop as the story unfolds seamlessly in locations across the globe. 

SWARM opens on American soil with a demonstration of a new fleet of small drones, armed with explosives but directed by human operators. The performance of this drone army is exponentially improved when the human operators step away and the attack is coordinated by an artificial intelligence program, developed by the military. Innocent civilians are spared, complex threats are eliminated and the program grows smarter with each use. A few of those drones fly unpredictably off the grid, initially dismissed as a minor glitch, until the missing units train their crosshairs on those presumed to be in control. 

The massive army of flying, A.I.-powered drones that is the namesake of the novel ultimately plays only a supporting role in the fascinating and multi-faceted story of SWARM. When biblical prophecies of the apocalypse begin to be fulfilled, the United States and its allies become engaged in an all-out war against a multi-headed “beast” led by China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. Operation Red Dragon threatens to unleash the Four Horsemen onto the West: Silence, Isolation, Darkness, Dread, all instigated by the release of a powerful A.I. virus that threatens to erase all defensive capabilities. Globe-trotting tech genius Derek Taylor must lead a team of the best cyber defense experts in the world as they repel the state-sponsored attacks. Taylor will have to break rules, ignore protocols and take desperate measures to put a stop to the virus and prevent the imminent invasion. 


SWARM goes beyond the average international thriller in developing elaborate, dynamic characters — some righteous, others sinister — who prove to be key in making this book exceptional. The author expertly interweaves character development and impressive backstory without dialing down the intense action of the plot:

Derek Taylor is a former college dropout who assumed the identity of a rich colleague killed decades earlier in a mysterious explosion. Taylor testifies to the United States senate on the need for increased cybersecurity, citing real-life examples of data breaches. His potential ties to a terrorist hacker group make him a target for political scrutiny and subject to government surveillance. 

Agent Jenn Scott is the daughter of a top government official, eager to step out of her father’s shadow. She pursues Taylor relentlessly, looking for evidence of his affiliation with cyber-criminal organizations, but later becomes one of his greatest allies. 

Even the villains in SWARM are presented with layered backstories and fascinating detail: Dr. Cho Li Ping, the power-hungry mastermind of the Chinese cyber-attacks, was formerly a member of the security team that is now trying to stop his assault. Meanwhile, a mysterious white-haired man, Andre Strauss, is gatekeeper to a secret society with malicious intent that holds unprecedented sway in all matters of world politics. Even the problematic government officials, who play supporting roles in this story, resemble the shady figures from recent, real-world geopolitical conflicts.


Without question, the most intriguing character in this particular tale is the artificial intelligence entity referred to as SLVIA. This super intelligent algorithm has a mysterious origin, gradually revealed throughout the story, but brings a fascinating twist of science, sophistication and even humor through their unique “operating parameters,” which are best described as a personality. Imagine a snarky, highly sophisticated version of the Alexa or Siri platforms that have become prevalent in our daily lives. 

In this story, SLVIA serves as both a powerful ally to the protagonists as well as an opportunity for the author to discuss the merits of advanced computing capabilities. SLVIA is certainly the most benevolent, but not the only artificial intelligence that graces the pages of this book. Several other entities are introduced throughout the story; some existing primarily for entertainment and modern convenience, others engineered for unprecedented destruction. 

SWARM is notable for its fascinating characters and quick pace. Morris explains the complex technology involved in this story in a matter that is concise but very helpful. This book provides a great opportunity to become familiar with both real-world examples of artificial intelligence as well as the hypothetical extension of that technology that is likely to become reality in the next few years. The intense action and thoughtful questions found in SWARM are certain to keep readers up late to finish this gripping novel.

Consumer Review by MSS on Amazon

 One of the best novels I have read in years!

If I was chosen to give an award for the best novel of the year, Swarm, would be the winner hands down. A techno-thriller but with much more. Action, science, conspiracy, current political climate, and even end of time prophecy are woven into an exciting story. I glad that this is just the beginning. Well done!

Kirkus Reviews

Acomputer security expert learns from an amazing secret ally that biblical end times prophecies are coming true as Chinese, Russian, and American sins edge the world toward war.

Debut author Morris spins a global conspiracy cyberthriller with threads drawn from both well-worn sources (the book of Revelation) and breaking news out of Washington, D.C.

In 1995, hacker prodigy Cary Nolan, having meddled with the sinister secret-society affairs of New World Order elite Andre Strauss, is targeted for death. Strauss mistakenly kills not only Nolan’s lover, Bianca Troon, but also his best friend and computer partner, Derek Taylor, while Taylor and Bianca are in post-coital bliss together.

Shattered, Nolan switches identities with Taylor and, 26 years later, perpetuates the ruse as a maverick tech-security contractor to the National Security Agency.

Know that this is an alt-2021 in which a controversial, reckless, Russia-manipulated, power-mad president—Donald Trump is never mentioned but there’s no doubt who the “stable genius” is—has been reelected. He lusts for a third term amid a post-pandemic recession and international chaos.

As events unfurl against a devastating Chinese computer-virus attack (and Strauss’ machinations), Taylor/Nolan is investigated by beautiful Navy Lt. Jennifer Scott for his ties to rogue hackers. He goes on the run with the attractive enemy. Among the secrets he keeps from Jenn: His partner in the hacker underground is not human but a top-secret, escaped, sentient software program called SLVIA.

SLVIA lately has been bombarding Taylor/Nolan with Scripture, reasoning that the Bible end times verses compute as accurate and are coming to pass as allegories of geopolitical upheaval and corruption. Verily, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than to count all the Bible prophecy/apocalypse novels out there.

But Morris’ specimen stands out for not being conservative-megachurch recruiting material (instead blasting the alt-right Trump GOP and QAnon believers something fierce) and for coordinating a grandly indulgent, globe-trotting narrative in the Dan Brown/Iris Johansen style.

The novel brims with wild characters, exotic settings, a skillful embroidering of CNN headlines, and mind-blowing concepts, into which the religious stuff fits snugly. Readers may heed the spiritual messages (if any) or just go along for the ride. It does seem a little unfair to poor Trump, though. Without his insane reign, this story wouldn’t feel half as terrifyingly plausible.

A riveting tale with globe-circling, cloak-and-cyber skulduggery and strong Bible code underpinnings.

Pacific Book Review, Tony Espinoza

Pacific Book Review

One topic in our modern world that has been a constant source of debate is the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. The development of a program that can learn, think and become self-aware has both legitimate fears and great potential all at the same time. As Paul Allen once said, “The promise of artificial intelligence and computer science generally vastly outweighs the impact it could have on some jobs in the same way that, while the invention of the airplane negatively affected the railroad industry, it opened a much wider door to human progress.”

In author Guy Morris’s SWARM: Artificial Intelligence Decodes End Time Prophecies, the antihero hacker Derek Taylor is thrust into an international race against time. Set in a post-pandemic world, China unleashes a powerful AI virus onto the internet, and Derek finds himself forced to confront digital identity control and a harsh look into end-time prophecies. Included in this is a hard look into the world of corrupt politics and even corruption within religion, while a rogue AI who has become a fugitive named SLVIA must help stop an AI weapons system that has gone rogue, showcasing a question of morality in terms of the use of AI in our world.

This is a whirlwind, action packed thriller! The author immediately sets the tone for the narrative by setting up antihero Derek Taylor’s history and the reason he has gone on the run. Forced to leave behind his old life, the hacker becomes a part of an even larger story that focuses on key themes like corruption, revenge, morality and more. The story feels part science fiction – part spy thriller, as readers are taken all around the world, getting multiple POVs and getting a cohesive narrative which speaks to the author’s ability to create complex themes and pair them with equally complex characters.

This is the perfect read for those who enjoy spy thrillers, action and adventure thrillers and anything involving AI and the morals of developing artificial intelligence. As a fan of the genre, it was easy to get wrapped up in the dramatic world the author crafted. The book created the same heart-pounding and depth-filled reading experience that films like the Bourne Identity films have created visually over the years, and the attention to detail regarding not only the AI systems but the complex political and military moments as well made this story stand out.

Action-driven, character developed and lengthy yet attention-grabbing, author Guy Morris’s SWARM: Artificial Intelligence Decodes End Time Prophecies takes on a truly engaging and entertaining narrative. Filled to the brim with a wide variety of obstacles for the cast of characters to overcome, from AI and corruption within political and religious spheres to secret organizations and emotional and complex histories for some of the characters, this novel is too good for readers to pass up on.

Be sure to take the time and find your own copy to find out whether or not there is any truth to the End World Prophecies that become the driving force in this incredible read.

Reader's Favorite, K.C. Finn

Swarm: When Artificial Intelligence Decodes End Time Prophecies is a work of fiction in the action and adventure, thriller and conspiracy sub-genres, and was penned by author Guy Morris.

Written for adult audiences and containing some scenes of violence and the use of explicit language, this thrilling tale focuses on protagonist Derek Taylor, a wanted hacker who spends his time trying not to be investigated by the authorities, or hunted down by those who want him dead.

But when a new AI virus sweeps the internet and threatens national security, Derek is pulled in by Lt. Jennifer Scott in an effort to save the world from not just the initial virus, but its apocalyptic consequences.

Author Guy Morris has crafted a superb tale of advanced weaponry, espionage and conspiracy which fans of the action and thriller genres are sure to adore.

One of the most impressive features of the work is how balanced and well-paced the plot is, delivering intelligently penned, high-concept science fiction right alongside powerful action moments, dynamic conversation and Taylor’s expert prowess.

Thanks to the attention to detail and cinematic style descriptions, the work feels highly immersive and realistic. I also enjoyed the developmental work that clearly went into Jennifer, making her so much more than the simple token woman seen in this genre so often. She and Taylor made a formidable and evenly-matched team against the visceral horrors which awaited them.

Overall, I would certainly recommend Swarm for fans of conspiracy dramas at their very best.

Reader's Favorite, Romauld Dzemo

Swarm: Artificial Intelligence Decodes End Time Prophecies by Guy Morris is a deftly plotted and brilliantly written thriller that will entice fans of conspiracy and espionage.

Derek Taylor is a fugitive hacker and contractor for the National Security Agency, using the name of a murdered friend to stay alive. His ties with a terrorist hacker group make him a primary target of an investigation by Lt. Jennifer Scott, who has political backing and resources.

SLVIA is an AI program that escaped NSA Lawrence Laboratory and has never been recovered.

Now, a Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) internet virus threatens national security and SLVIA warns Taylor about the breaking of the fifth seal of end-time prophecy. It means only one thing: impending doom. The stakes get higher when a dictator, the president of the United States, releases a defective AI weapon.

Two people stand the chance of saving the world: Lt. Scott and Taylor. But can they work together while the impending danger grows stronger and SLVIA is at risk of annihilation?

Guy Morris has written a novel that is gripping and intense when it comes to the action and plot points. The characters are extraordinary and they are pulled from strong backgrounds, including the Joint Artificial Intelligence Command, the CIA, the US Senate and Congress, National Security, Artificial Intelligence Task Force, and many others.

The writing is crisp and gorgeous, and I enjoyed the descriptions and how the author explores the intelligence and state of mind as well as the emotions of the characters. The author weaves details into the characters and the plot in a way that is fascinating. The vocabulary is rich and the imagery is exceptionally written.

Swarm: Artificial Intelligence Decodes End Time Prophecies is cleverly plotted, gripping, featuring characters that are rock-solid and a conspiracy that feels real.

Reader's Favorite, Vincent Dublado

Swarm by Guy Morris is a heart-stopping thriller about AI technology, political conspiracy, cyber-technology, religion, and special weapons.

SLVIA is a rogue military AI program with an interest in prophecy. Derek Taylor (formerly Cary Nolan) is a fugitive hacker who is on the run from arbitrary forces who want him dead. His connections with Spy Net Online (SNO), which is a group of hacker terrorists, put him under investigation. Lieutenant Jennifer Scott of Naval Intelligence is assigned to keep an eye on him. She is eager to make her own mark to avoid any comparison to her father. Having written a couple of research papers about the SNO, she will exhaust all means to prove herself.

As the Chinese release an AI virus that threatens national security, SLVIA warns Derek of a prophetic biblical phase: the Fifth Seal has broken. Taylor must join forces with Lt. Scott to quell the virus before total destruction descends.

Guy Morris starts Swarm at a good pace and it ramps up as you are carried along when Taylor becomes a fugitive and Lt. Scott is getting deeper into her investigation. As Taylor tries to stay alive against getting tracked down and killed, Scott goes about her job and the unexpected turn of events has given them a choice to forge a partnership to prevent a high-tech act of terrorism.

Swarm does its best to make sure that you care about the characters as demonstrated by their backgrounds that affect how they function in the present that they face. The prose is easy on the eye and the acronyms are generously introduced at the beginning of the story. The tech and biblical references help to flesh out the plot, and it will make you want to stick with the story from start to finish.

Red Headed Book Lover, Aimee Ann

SLVIA . . . decades ago, an AI program escaped the NSA Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and has never been re-captured . . . true story.

Featured as one of nine aspiring authors by Master Class, SWARM is an action-packed thriller set in a deeply divided, post-pandemic US struggling to regain social and national security when a new threat opens the Fifth Seal of prophecy.

SWARM is a thrilling novel that will excite readers from start to finish thanks to the captivating story that takes the reader on a thrilling and breathtaking journey! SWARM for me was an engrossing read that enthralled me from the very first page to the very last; I struggled to put this book down because I desperately wanted to know what was going to happen to the novels memorable characters and I felt this way thanks to the author’s incredible writing that compelled me to read!

Guy Morris is a talented and well-accomplished author and his work is gripping as well as riveting and holds a host of fantastic characters! Already I have to recommend this novel for you lovely readers to read, but if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more about the incredible SWARM!

SWARM is an exceptional novel that will take its readers on an adventure like no other. The reader will follow Derek Taylor, a fugitive hacker living under the name of a murdered best friend so that he can hide from enemies that want him dead and work for the NSA as a contractor.

Derek Taylor has ties with a terrorist hacker group which puts him on Lt. Jennifer Scott’s radar, a woman who is determined to prove her merit. Soon, however, Taylor and Scott will have to team up when a Chinese AI virus threatens national security and together will embark on a journey to stop an apocalypse and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible SWARM!

The tale of SWARM is gripping, glorious, and let’s not forget breath-taking! This novel truly did astound me with its captivating narration and thrilling plotline in which many twists and turns occur. As well as it is a great, espionage and thriller novel, it is also a unique, diverse one which is unlike your typical thriller and I have to say that I adored this because I was getting very tired of reading the same old books so thank you, Guy Morris, for writing a book that is fresh, exciting and gripping!

Guy Morris can only be described as a talented, accomplished writer who knows what a reader wants in a great novel! As I read SWARM I read every sentence slowly so that I could absorb all of the novel’s information; I felt as if I was there and it made for an immersive reading experience. Morris is an excellent writer who is well accomplished and his work astounded me from the very beginning thanks to his original plot, as well as his compelling characters that in turn made me invest in the story even more!

To conclude my thoughts on the thrilling novel that is SWARM, I would say if you are bored with the same old espionage and thriller cliches then take a chance with this gem because you will not be disappointed.It has everything you would want in a great novel, and that is spine-tingling good content, dynamic, memorable characters, and a brilliant author. SWARM, of course, gets five stars from me!

So be sure to have a read of the preview book lovers, you won’t regret it!

US Book Review, Carolyn Davis

"The VR display refreshes again to show security video from the top ten floors. Derek spins the VR until he spots a man exiting a room wearing a wide-brim hat with a long leather coat, and carrying a gun bag."

Derek Taylor is an operative of the National Security Agency who has assumed the identity of a friend who was murdered, apparently during a liaison with Taylor's girlfriend. His background involves activity with a terrorist organization, and plot twists abound.

A rogue AI program, SLVIA, is missing from an NSA laboratory, and Taylor has it. SLVIA warns Taylor that an AI program developed by the Chinese may break "the fifth seal of end-time prophecy."

A defective AI program, released by people whose access to information is at the highest level, is added to the chaos. The end of the world may be coming unless Taylor and the woman sent to investigate him for his terrorist activities can fix all the problems in time. The two have something of an antipathy to working together.

SLVIA is vulnerable, as well, but there is no choice. The sense of dead ends that introduce beginnings is common throughout the narrative.There are many strengths in the development of the story. For all of its drama, the situations line up in real time and places.

The characters display emotion as well as logic, trauma, and a certain type of patriotism as they work against personal danger and, ultimately, global annihilation.

The agencies and departments referenced, such as the CIA, the US Congress, National Security Agency, and Artificial Intelligence Task Force, are genuine, and aspects of the story relate to some actual data. The themes of dystopia, illustrated by deception and chaos, are introduced in the book's first pages. A nerve-wracking thriller, the book is well researched and presented with brilliance.RECOMMENDED by the US Review

Featured in Promotion for MasterClass

Debut author, Guy Morris, and his techno-action-thriller SWARM were featured in a November promotion article from MasterClass about 9 aspiring authors, and alumni of MasterClass.  

Guy Morris Books Releases First Video Ad for SWARM

Guy Morris Books has released a video ad for SWARM, the action-techno-thriller by debut author Guy Morris.

Available on, as well as published on Facebook at and within ads, Amazon, LinkedIn, and YouTube at:   SWARM - An Artificial Intelligence and End Time Prophecy Thriller - YouTube.

Guy Morris Featured Article for Mystery & Suspense

Guy Morris was asked to pen the November 24, 2020 featured article of online magazine Mystery & Suspense.  Focused on Sci-Fi versus Techno-Thrillers Guy drives to the heart of the matter - creating a sense of imminent, and real threat.  

Paperback Book Details
  • 12/2020
  • 9781735728605
  • 434 pages
  • $17.99
Open Ebook Ebook Details
  • 12/2020
  • 9781735728612
  • pages
  • $6.99