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Sweet Hope: an Appalachian Ghost Story
Assistant professor of anthropology Parry Euphrates is ready for a change, and when her friend, guitar playing legend Adam Manly Singer, shows up, she is more than willing to lend an ear to Adam’s proposal: to dig up the grave of a man made famous in a murder ballad. Adam sweetens his bid with descriptions of the peace and beauty of Hoagland Holler, West Virginia where the man is supposedly buried; also with nights spent around a campfire, sipping moonshine and serenading the stars with their guitars.It all sounds great to Parry. Yet little does she realize that in digging up the grave, she will also be resurrecting an old feud, and when the bullets start flying, she’ll be looking for help from beyond the grave.


Thank you, Alice, for the great review! 
5.0 out of 5 stars Sweet Hope
May 16, 2019
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
This is a great book. I enjoyed the story line. Lots of layers in the characters. I would definitely recommend it.



5.0 out of 5 starsThis is a fantastic story that offers everything!

May 20, 2019

Format: Paperback

When assistant professor Parry is asked by her friend Adam to go to his hometown to dig up a long dead man to help stop a curse, she agrees not knowing it will change her entire life.
Parry digs up what appears to be a grave, but it’s nothing. Then she finds what appears to be another grave, where she finds a headless skeleton. Her and her new friend, Junie, go off to another town to do some research and end up meeting with the county historian. They learn an awful lot about the guy they are looking for, but nothing to help them identify if they have indeed found who they are looking for.
Upon returning back to the gravesite late at night, during a storm no less, Parry finds herself shot and bleeding to death...
This is a fantastic story that offers everything: a ghost story, a love story for the ages, murder, lies, friendship, family, adventure, and learning to accept yourself, especially when you feel like you don’t belong. By the end of chapter 2 I was completely hooked on the great conversation, the laugh out loud jokes, and the names, the history, it all felt so real. Some of the history is actually true, and told in a beautiful way. I highly recommend this book!


Michael Easterling's newest book "Sweet Hope" is a completely wonderful tale, with so many interesting and surprising dimensions! I took a leisurely two weeks, reading tucked into bed each night, and was sorry to have the story end. Looking for a good read? Get onto Amazon and order up this book! Michael is a multi-talented guy, and his wide range of expertises show up in the story. (Except for seeing ghosts!)



Lovely review from Barbara: 
I recommend this lively read, full of the unexpected to the very end. Michael Easterling has penned another entertaining book that I was sorry to finish. His characters are both memorable and fleshed out with psychological acumen. They receive surprises and shocks throughout the tale. It's flat out fun.

Wendy Schultz, Placerville Mountain Democrat

When a banjo-hating, bluegrass loving, sharp-tongued archeology professor decides to help a songwriting, guitar picking friend excavate a 63 year-old grave in the mountains of West Virginia, there is going to be a tale. This tale, told by Pleasant Valley author Michael Easterling, has as many twists and turns as Twisted Creek and is as full of ghosts and legend as an Appalachian murder ballad.

As Professor Parry Euphrates immerses herself in the remote community of Hoagland Holler, she comes face to face with ghosts and the mysteries in her own life. What really happened to the beautiful Roseanne Bickum and the schoolteacher she loved? Why is Parry so frightened by bright lights and why does she avoid relationships? Why is someone in Hoagland Holler trying to kill Parry and her friend Adam and where is Canara Rivers really buried?