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Mitch Friedman
Swell Goatee
When a 30-something guy swaps a toupee from hell for a SWELL GOATEE, will it turn his bad luck on its head? Following a year wearing a hideous hair system, after a lifetime of dicey decision making, documented in his tragicomic memoir, Hell Toupee, Mitch Friedman flees to Greece and returns with a new lease on life, his first goatee, and a glass more than half-full of self-confidence. Are sparks of romance and a successful career in the arts in his future, thanks to the pleasing ring of hair around his mouth, or does he fall back into the same old self-inflicted sabotage? Join him as he ventures forth to San Francisco, England, Iceland, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. Along the way he studies songwriting with Sir Ray Davies of The Kinks, works for Howard Stern, Ellen DeGeneres, and James Brown, collaborates with Andy Partridge of XTC, meets The Residents, boosts Larry David’s enthusiasm, and tickles Björk. In his spare time he records seven albums, writes two books, and helps rescue the world’s best/worst public access television show from the crap heap of history.