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Linda Mackenzie
Symbols Of You

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Market)

Symbols of You takes you on a personal journey into the world of Ancient Wisdom and its symbols. With fun exercises and charts you'll explore how to use symbols to help create a more positive, intuitive and connected life intuitive and connected life.
Mackenzie (Inner Insights) ushers readers down a path of intense reflection and spiritual development in this thought-provoking reference guide. Drawing from crystals, aromatherapy, angel hierarchies, and more, Mackenzie summarizes a variety of different symbols—which she defines as “everything you come in contact with in your life”—that can be interpreted individually and used as tools for self-discovery. She structures each chapter around a type of symbol, followed by suggestions on how to personalize them, and rounds out the information with health alternatives ranging from Chinese herbal recommendations to reflexology.

Self-awareness is key here, as Mackenzie encourages readers to choose symbols that resonate, underscoring the importance of having fun while working through each chapter to gain deeper insights. When exploring chakras, for example, she details their distinctive attributes—such as the creativity and self-expression of the 5th chakra—and includes introspective prompts to help readers determine which of those qualities best relate to their unique situations. Other guidance covers the ins and outs of palm reading, how to identify your life balance number, and using phrenology to understand personality (details like women adapting their hairstyles to flaunt head bumps in the 19th century or the belief that “very small hands show immaturity and a charming personality” add entertainment value).

Equally interesting is Mackenzie’s attention to the traditions and history surrounding each group of symbols, such as the meaning behind Native American animal spirit guides and psychologist Carl Jung’s study on archetypes as representations of “human experiences, ideas, and consciousness.” Noteworthy health recommendations include ancient practices like acupressure (with an easy-to-follow application chart and diagram of healing points) as well as the use of Bach flower essences to promote emotional stability and harmony. To help readers apply the book’s concepts and track their preferences, Mackenzie includes an interactive workbook and fill-in pages at the end. Fans of holistic self-analysis will be intrigued.

Takeaway: A holistic reference guide on interpreting symbols for self-awareness.

Great for fans of: Adele Nozedar’s The Illustrated Signs & Symbols Sourcebook, Gina Lake’s Symbols of the Soul.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: NA
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A