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Laurie Stone
Tail Wags and Whiskers: Pet Tales of Love, Joy and Chaos from Forty Years of Cats and Dogs
Laurie Stone, author

For anyone who has ever loved a fur baby, or thought of adopting one, Tail Wags and Whiskers chronicles a 40-year marriage and the cats and dogs that romp, yip, and purr their way throughout.

Starting in 1980 and working its way to the present, Tail Wags and Whiskers shows how cats and dogs come into our lives, not only teaching us resilience, patience, and love, but also marking the passage of time. In fact, many a family’s most fun, treasured memories are entwined in the deeds (and yes, misdeeds) of their pets.

Part memoir, part unintended instruction guide, Tail Wags and Whiskers is often funny, sometimes poignant, but always tender and heart-warming. 

After you’ve read it, you’ll want to give your fur babies an extra-long hug!