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Taking Risks, Defining Life: A Soldier's Memoir
John McClarren (LTC, US Army, retired) relates to his readers how circumstances in his own life naturally led him into taking what many would consider unnecessary risks in order to reach his goals, and how this risk-taking became a primary routine in his life, all of which ultimately resulted in total fulfillment. \tThis book is for anyone who is always trying to assess the need to take risks in accomplishing goals, and there are very few who are not in that category. We all take risks from time to time. We just need to figure out if the decisions to take risks are worth the possible consequences of failure, because that too is part of life. Can we handle failures and still be successful? \tJohn will take you on a journey through his life, much of which is really funny, much of which will make you wonder how he ever made it this far alive and well, and much that you will be able to identify with perfectly and compare it with a good deal of your own life. Many of those experiences are from his military life, and many are far from that life.